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Making memories starts here – with WorldMark by Wyndham. In partnership with Siegel+Gale, the internal creative studio kicked off a complete refresh starting in late 2018. With more than 90 resorts within the WorldMark by Wyndham network alone, the rollout of the new brand required detailed organization of projects and timelines; everything from resort business cards to website relaunches.



WorldMark by Wyndham - Collectible Pins
Worldmark by Wyndham - Resort Directory Branding
WorldMark by Wyndham - Check in Brochure
WorldMark by Wyndham - Check in Brochure

A space to make memories.

Immersive, brand-forward spaces were created in partnership with our Resort Strategic Development team for the latest WorldMark by Wyndham resorts – including the vibey WorldMark by Wyndham Portland sales center.

WorldMark by Wyndham - Environmental Concept & Execution
WorldMark by Wyndham - Environmental Concept & Execution
WorldMark by Wyndham - Environmental Concept & Execution
WorldMark by Wyndham - Environmental Concept & Execution
WorldMark by Wyndham - Environmental Concept & Execution
WorldMark by Wyndham - Environmental Concept & Execution

Cherish the little things.

The creative studio tackled memorable moments at every turn – from key cards and in-suite amenities, to exterior signage and onsite brand experiences, the team was instrumental in ensuring the new WorldMark by Wyndham brand was infused at each touch point.

Infinite to-do list

The sheer amount of marketing materials needing to be identified, proofed & flipped to the new brand was a challenge that the studio took head on.

1,000 words

The new brand used a flagship photography style, which, in combination of stock houses, and commissioned photo shoots, we curated & grew to 2,000+ photos.

Button up

Creating an engaging brand experience was paramount, and the team created more than 100 individual resort & travel inspired pins resort guests can collect on their travels.

WorldMark by Wyndham - Room Key Cards
WorldMark by Wyndham - Vacation Inspired Pins

New + Existing Owner Gift Kits

WorldMark by Wyndham wanted to reduce the cost of existing owner kits (upwards of $75/each) while creating a strong brand statement. New, custom owner kits were developed to not only tell the brand story, but to also reduce costs – saving the organization more than $2.5 million annually.

WorldMark by Wyndham - New Owner Kits

Social Canva Brand Templates

In order to meet the needs of socialized content, we implemented WorldMark by Wyndham brand kits & custom templates within the Canva platform. This allowed for speed-to-market messaging and provided the internal social team freedom to produce content within the creative sandbox of the brand.

WorldMark by Wyndham - Digital Canva Templates

Collectible Vacation Pins

A collectible pin was designed for each of the WorldMark by Wyndham resorts – more than 90 in total. Visiting guests are encourage to collect them all, along with a variety of other vacation-inspired designs available at every WorldMark by Wyndham.

WorldMark by Wyndham - Vacation Pins

Flexible Templates

Communication is key – and timely socialized content is king. From Canva templates to on-site printable files, we provided WorldMark by Wyndham resorts the needed materials to get the word out – within brand of course.

WorldMark by Wyndham - Digital Templates
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